What is EU MRV?

The EU MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) regulation entered into force on 1 July 2015, and it requires ship owners and operators to annually monitor, report and verify CO2 emissions as of 2018.

Who does it affect?

All ships larger than 5,000 gross tonnage (GT) calling at any EU and EFTA (Norway and Iceland) port in 2018 will have to report CO2 emissions. That means voyages to, from and within the EU, irrespective of flag state. Data collection will be done on a per voyage basis and starts 1 January 2018.

What happens with the collected data?

The reported CO2 emissions, together with additional data, are to be verified by independent certified bodies. The annual reports need to be send to a central database managed by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). The aggregated ship emission and efficiency data will be published by the EC.

What’s the timeline?

A first step for ship owners and operators in complying with the EU MRV regulation is to prepare a monitoring plan for each of their ships that falls under the scope of the regulation. It should be submitted for verification by 31 August 2017 at the latest. Collection of emission- and other data starts on 1 January 2018. First reporting is to be done before April 30st, 2019 and reoccurs annually.

How can I prepare?

For EU- MRV reporting, we encourage you to test prior to the actual emission monitoring. We have seen that data collection and reporting is not too difficult if you are prepared and have a standardized approach within your fleet.

How can We4Sea help me?

If you would like us to help, please go to and choose a vessel in your fleet that represents all the others. We're happy to help you prepare!

Need more help?

For EU-MRV reporting, we can perform the emission monitoring for you.  Starting at 5 EUR per ship per day, we take care of it. We're happy to help you comply!  Use the button below, fill in vessel details, use code MRV2017 and we'll be in touch soonest.

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